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Summer Fashion Faux Pas

In the midst of my recent fashion faux pas, I’m sharing with you a list of BIG no-nos for the summer!

The majority of my family members received the ‘tan-gene’, I unfortunately did not. My skin doesn’t tan well and I’m not a fan of sitting in the direct path of UV rays so when my body needs some bronzing, I fake it – as in fake tanning. At first it seems like a great idea; the results tend to speak otherwise. Which leads us into (my) first fashion faux pas of the summer: fake/uneven tan lines.

A recent study showed that one in four people would tell a friend immediately if they were in the running of a summer fashion disaster. The official top 10 list of faux pas for warm weather are below – with a few tips included!

1. Socks and sandals – but are they really that bad?
2. Streaky fake tan – like this one
3. Swimwear that’s too small – this should help
4. Beer belly – that can be fixed
5. Union Jack shorts – these shorts
6. Thongs – this is common sense, right?
7. Dodgy tan lines – get rid of them!
8. Heavy make-up on the beach – if you want to wear it, you can
9. Skirt tucked into knickers – never a good thing
10. Peeling sunburn – prevent the peel


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