Super Bowl Game

Each year a buddy of ours comes up with a Superbowl Game that you can play at your party, and knowing anything about football is not important.

Tim is a writer/blogger/small business helper and he & Scotty go way back like car seats.

Here are a few questions from his game.  For the complete game check out Tim’s website.

The Super Bowl XLVII Party Pool

Please answer these 25 questions before we rise for the singing of our National Anthem:

  1. National Anthem – Over or Under 1:34 in length?
  2. How long will Alicia Keys hold ‘freeeeeeee’? Over or under three seconds?
  3. Will we see Alicia Keys’ belly button?
  4. Will we see Beyonce’s belly button?
  5. Will we see Jim Nantz’s belly button?
  6. Number of people who will ask “Who’s Jim Nantz?”
  7. Coin Flip – Heads or Tails?
  8. Number of People at Party Who Say They’re More Excited about Commercials?
  9. Over or Under 10: Number of times they show the Harbaugh parents?
  10. First Team to Score – 49ers or Ravens?


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