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Take our survey for your chance to win $500!

If you’re familiar with “America’s Favorite Family Game,” then you’ll love this!

Take this short, ten question survey for your chance to win $500, and have a BIG advantage when Clear 99 does its next major cash contest.



  1. I hope I win! We could really use this. Thanks!

  2. Love Clear 99

  3. Awesome questions!

  4. This was fun!

  5. That was a fun quiz!

  6. $500, I’m in!

  7. Good questions!

  8. Love games like this.

  9. Really could use 500 dollars

  10. Complete!

  11. Love your radio station

  12. I love the opportunities that Clear99 gives us to win prizes……although I haven’t been able to win in years. Thank you.

  13. Stephanie Thompson

    Loved this survey

  14. Fun survey

  15. Make me a WINNER!

  16. Thanks for the chance to win, Clear 99!

  17. Hope to win this!!!

  18. Rosemary A. Wenzel

    Good Luck To All

  19. Interesting questions

  20. Christopher Jaegers

    Love this stuff

  21. Love you Clear 99. This was fun!

  22. Have a great day! Sure hope I win the $…def have a good use for $500 right now 🙂 Thanks

  23. Beckie Neighbors

    I love Clear 99!!!

  24. Thank you!!!

  25. That was quite different.

  26. Love you guys!!

  27. I hope and pray I win!

  28. This was a very interesting survey and I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with the answers, but I have an idea of what you could do!

  29. That was fun! I hope the most popular answers will be posted!

  30. Clear 99 rocks

  31. a fun survey

  32. a fun survey can’t wait to see what comes from this

  33. Clear99 is what i listen to its the best of the best

  34. count me in !!!

  35. Fun! Hope I win!

  36. I could use $500! 🙂

  37. Done

  38. I want to win !!

  39. Awesome Clear 99
    Love you guys !
    And your music !

  40. Lori Vandergrift

    That was a fun survey

  41. I could definitely use the cash! Here’s hoping!

  42. Thank you!

  43. Thanks for a fun opportunity to win some cash!!! I need a vacation badly and this would help!!

  44. Hope I win,moving back to COMO And need the money for that.

  45. Great survey. Who came up with those questions?? Lol

  46. I could use an extra $500.

  47. I could use an extra $500.

  48. Caryn Harris Hopwood

    That was fun. The celebrity on a plane made me have to think for awhile. I could name many I’d like to sit by.

  49. I love fun surveys like this one!

  50. Heather Milliner

    Thanks, Good Luck to all! Hoping I win!!! ☺️

  51. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Maybe some day I will win something.

  52. I love Scotty and Cara. A chance to win is a bonus.

  53. Will you be publishing the answers?

  54. LOVE CLEAR 99

  55. That was interesting! Had to really think about a couple of them

  56. Done

  57. Show me the money! I desperately need it!!!!

  58. I click on the link to play, but there isnt any survey there! How do I do this?

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