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Taylor Swift’s Secret Messages

Taylor knows how to intrigue her fans.  Not only does she fill her albums with chart-topping songs, but she has cryptic messages throughout the liner notes.  Read the secret messages from her first album Taylor Swift and her second, Fearless.  

There are random capital letters in the printed lyrics to each song on the album’s that spell out secret messages.  See what it looks like.

Taylor also did this in her first album, but fans didn’t create as much buzz about as they are over her sophomore album, Fearless.  

I think fans were especially interested in the secret messages in this album because of her last-minute song addition Taylor wrote after her breakup with teen heart-throb,  Joe Jonas.  

It is called “Forever and Always,” and the capital letters spell out “If you play these games, we’re both going to lose.”  The videos below give out all the secret messages!

The secret messages from Fearless:

The coded messages from her first CD, Taylor Swift:

You can find Taylor’s sophomore album Fearless in stores now.  She also has Have a Merry Taylor Christmas CD out too.


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