Tell Us About Your Clear 99 “Super Kid”

Clear 99 knows that it is tough being a kid. That’s why we want to turn your kid into a Clear 99 “Super Kid”.

Let us know what makes your child a Clear 99 “Super Kid.” Did they make the honor roll? Did they score the winning basket? Or, did they simply clean up around the house without being asked?  We want to hear about all of the super kids in Mid-Mo.

Record a brief audio message on your phone telling us about your “Super Kid”. Make sure to tell us their name, where they are from, and what makes them “Super.” Submit your stories to us at

Then listen weekdays to Aric Bremer. Every Wednesday afternoon at 3:40 he will feature a new Clear 99 “Super Kid”.



  1. My son Krishtain is a “Super Kid” in my book. He has faced being a high school graduate of 2020 with no prom, no senior trip, no winter sports dance and “no real” graduation. The kids really didn’t get to say good bye to each other. He has gone on with college at State Tech with a smile on his face and a positive attitude and this semester he was placed on the Dean’s List with a 4.0 GPA. His dad and I could not be more proud of him. He has faced a lot of disappointments right at the starting line of becoming an adult and it has not slowed him down.. He is going to accomplish BIG things!! A very PROUD parent!!! To all of the seniors of 2020, stay focused and push forward, you are the future!

  2. Christopher Hayden

    My wife and myself could not be more proud of our Grandson Grant Hayden. We have had the very fortunate time of having him grow up in our home. He is extremely thoughtful and intelligent for a 4 year old. He still likes to sleep in our bed and the other night he once again amazed us. My wife has been sick and he wrapped his little arms around here, pulled here close and said ” repeat after me. Your intelligent, your beautiful and your loved” what a special little boy to be able to know when Grandma is feeling rough that some simple words would make here smile. So for that, Grant is our superkid.

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