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Terrified of Babies?

Apparently babies aren’t for everyone.  So, if you’re scared of them, this list is for you!

Babies can be a scary thing!  If you’re moderately scared or horribly terrified of them, you’ll relate to all of these!

  1. Babies kind of terrify you and sometimes… look, sometimes you just don’t even like them.
  2. They’re scary when they cry.
  3. It’s scary to pick them up.
  4. Because when you pick a teeny baby up, you’re terrified you’ll somehow break it.
  5. When you’re left alone with one and it starts crying, there’s honestly no worse feeling in the world.
  6. You struggle with the whole “baby talk” or how to talk to tiny children in general.
  7. You’re the first to admit their parents are super-humans.
  8. But seeing them is a reminder that you’re probably just not ready yet.
  9. As much as you admire your friends, siblings, and acquaintances doing their thing and raising their tiny spawn…
  10. …You’re definitely relieved it’s them and not you.


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