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The 3-D Movie Craze

I saw the new animated 3-D movie, “Coraline” over the weekend.

Mainly went to see it because it was in filmed in new & improved 3-D.  It didn’t disappoint.  Not like 3-D movies of the past where scenes were set up for 3-D, this is a movie first that just happens to be filmed in 3-D.  Plus, you get a great pair of 3-D glasses out of it.  Quite stylish, not at all like those stupid cardboard cutouts you used for the Super Bowl commercial.  So, if you see the movie, save the glasses.

I won’t give the movie away, but it’s about an 11-year old girl, Coraline, who moves to a hotel (that looked eerily like the house in Psycho) with her parents.  Out of boredom, she soons discovers an alternate universe.  When she first visits this place, it’s all rosey & sweet (kind of reminded me of when Dorothy in Wizard of Oz first sees munchkin land) but then it turns dark & creepy.  It’s rated PG, so it’s not for little kids – though some kids were there with parents.  Dakota Fanning voices Coraline and Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives voices her mom, or should I say “moms” – good & evil.  Uh, see the movie.

Though it was a good movie, it was even better because of the 3-D experience.  Not only was it delicious eye-candy, but you’re in a room with a bunch of people all wearing the same dorky glasses.   How cool is that!   

And…there’s more to come.  In fact, Hollywood is releasing more than 15 major 3-D movies this year in an attempt to put people in seats.  I’m ready, I have my glasses.   


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