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The Bachelorette Recap!

Who Did NOT Get A Rose?……..


It’s been a fun two nights with back to back days of The Bachelorette! Jon Pardi even got to sneak in on the show, lucky Andi! Last night got emotional with Eric calling out Andi and then re-visiting his unfortunate accident. Also the one on one date with Dylan was a bit of a tear jerker.  Dylan opened up to Andi about his story, which turned out to be a pretty devastating one. He revealed that over the past four years, he had lost both his sister and his brother and it had been incredibly hard on him and his mom.  So happy Dylan got a rose and happy to see that my other favorites Chris and Patrick got roses too! Eric Hill and Tasos Hernandez were the guys that did not get roses.  They did not show a rose ceremony last night due to Eric Hill’s death which I thought was really respectful, Eric’s family and friends are in my heart and prayers.  Eleven guys remain in the competition.    Next they travel with Andi to France when “The Bachelorette” resumes on Monday, June 16. Can’t wait!! -Ali







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