The Clear Crew Celebrates #NationalPorkMonth

Scotty got it started with some yummy ribs!

We’re teaming up again with the Missouri Pork Producers, to celebrate pork!

Each week a Clear Crew member will whip up a dish featuring a cut of pork.  They’ll bring it in for us to sample, and then share the recipe so you can try it if the spirit moves you!

Scotty went first and cooked up some delicious Baby Back Ribs!


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Here’s Scotty’s “recipe”…

  • I used some local rub from Show-Me BBQ, and rubbed them the night before.  Wrapped them in plastic rap and foil, and let them sit in the fridge overnight.
  • I fired up the charcoal grill, used some hickory wood chunks, and put them on a little rib rack on the grill.  The rack is by no means necessary, I’ve done it lots of times without it.
  • I babysit the grill, and try to keep the temp around 225…sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  I keep adding chunks of wood and smoke them for about two hours.
  • I also use a spray bottle with apple juice, and spray the ribs pretty regularly to add flavor and help keep them moist.
  • Then I take them back inside and “tent” some foil around them.  I slathered one rack with some local Sticky Pig BBQ sauce, and pour plenty of sauce in the bottom of the foil packet too.  The other rack I poured apple juice over, and poured some in the bottom of that foil pack as well.
  • Then back on the grill for another two hours.  I’ve never used a meat thermometer for ribs but I know some do.  But the two hours of smoke, and two hours of foil has always worked for me.

The picture of empty foil and bones indicates that they were well-received!


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