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The King of the Countdowns, Casey Kasem Passes Away

He was a radio industry giant but if you’re old enough, you didn’t have to work in radio to know who Casey Kasem was. (Photo from ABC News)

If you’re anywhere around my age, weekend countdown shows on the radio were a pretty big deal.

In the days before cable, satellite, web sites & social media, it was the best, if not only place to find out more about your favorite singers and songs.

And if you were lucky enough to get a job at a radio station, chances are it was running a show like that.

Over the years there have been a lot of different countdowns, but the first and biggest will always be “American Top 40 with Casey Kasem“.

Casey passed away this weekend, and we spent a couple of minutes this morning talking about it.


For me, the highlight of the clip we shared this morning was hearing the legendary voice of Casey Kasem say “...that was O.P.P. from Naughty by Nature…”.



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