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The Original Title: Cara’s First Blog

I’ve blogged before but it’s been a while and just a heads up, they tend to be EXTREMELY random. I’ve been known to jump all over the place at times so hopefully you can follow along without getting lost.

Who said it was impossible? I went golfing this weekend and immediately thought about pulling a Happy Gilmore BUT the majority of my time was spent in the golf cart. I did get a few chances to drive it which was a TON of fun. I’m not a golfer and when I asked how long it’d be before I “got it down” the answer was: never. It’s a life sport that can’t be perfected, only improved with continuos practice. So, if you see an amateur on the course please feel free to stop and give me some pointers. I may have been more concerned with what I was going to wear than how I was going to play. Girl problems.

I feel like Scotty’s outdoing me on these blogs, I need to keep up with him. Everyone I’ve met so far tells me to “keep him in line”. He might be keeping me in line more than I am him, thankful for that! Everyone’s hit the nail on the head about him though; he’s a great guy and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime 🙂

“Cara’s Blog” is way too traditional so we’re going with ” Bloggin’ For Ya Noggin’ “. Hopefully I can provide some sort of info that you can benefit from.


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