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The Pedaling Pioneer

The Pedaling Pioneer is riding all 1900 miles of the Oregon Trail, and documenting it.

He is a teacher, he’s my friend and he’s crazy as a football bat.

His name is Brad Haertling (it’s pronounced HURT-ling) and he’s been one of my best friends since we started 4-year old kindergarten with Mrs. Adams.

We were actually doing a morning show all those years without realizing it.  We would write our own scripts that we adapted from Cracked and MAD magazines and perform them at talent shows.  I don’t remember details but I’m sure they were funny.

Brad’s a fitness freak that is never still for very long.  He’s my age and looks like Carl Edwards with his shirt off.  A few years ago he and his Dad climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and he’s the one I rode the Katy Trail with a couple of summers ago.

His day job is being a 7th grade World Geography teacher, and this summer he’s co-teaching a class as he rides across America.

You can learn more and follow along on the website, or “Like” the Facebook page for updates as well.

I like history and I like Brad so I’m sure I’m a little biased, but I find it all really interesting.  He did a lot of research before the trip including reading journals from the pioneers that made the trip.

Our hometown TV station just did a story on Brad’s trip.

He hopes to make this a regular program each summer, teaching history from the seat of a bicycle.  Our plan is for me to help him some in the future as well.  I’d like to ride some, maybe just follow in the truck or handle the marketing or fund-raising or something.

His dream is to do the same thing on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

I told you he was nuts.

(The P.P. stopped by for an Uncle hug on his way west.)


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