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The SEC Family

Man, that was fun!  The first SEC home game is behind us, and while I’d never try to convince Coach Pinkel, overall the weekend seemed to me like a success.  But what did the Georgia fans think?

I met a lot of Dawg fans Friday night at the Party on 9th St., and they all seemed very appreciative of the way they were treated.  After we welcomed them from the stage at the Corey Smith concert, many of them stopped me as we made our way through the crowd to say “thanks”.

In fact some visitors seem to think that perhaps we were too nice.  Like we just didn’t get it.  That perhaps we hillbilly’s don’t understand how things work in the SEC.

At least that’s what this blogger thought.  There is some obvious bias against UGA fans here, but it’s still a funny read.

The Georgia fans I met were gracious & obliged, so that’s what I’m going with!

Plus I love some good ‘ol friendly, t-shirt trash talk…


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