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The Skittles Taste Test Challenge!

Ok. So I was sitting at home a few nights ago watching my favorite TV show “Deadliest Catch” and munching on some skittles candy when I had an epiphany. Does each Skittle really have its own unique flavor?

Normally, I just throw a handful of all five of these delicious colored candies in my mouth, as I’m sure most people do. But, this night I was feeling a little frisky (bored) so I decided to investigate my theory that, in fact, Skittles do not have their own individual flavors.

To set up how I conducted my research:

I took three groups of five Skittles out of the package and didn’t look at any of them to make it scientific:) Then, I started with my first group, one Skittle at a time and proceeded to do this for all five groups. I would look at the Skittle after I decided my guess, which you would think would make it easier. Surprisingly enough, my results show that it did not!

Here’s how it broke down:

First Group: 1 for 5

Second Group: 2 for 5

Third Group: 2 for 5

Now, I know what you’re thinking. My taste buds are shot from years of neglect, which IS WHY I’ve now conducted my research on close to ten people here at the station. Of course, everyone starts off by telling me that I’m foolish, then after going through the “Skittle Taste Test Challenge” (that’s what I now call it:) they realize that I may have stumbled upon something, as the best score anyone has received is 2 for 5.

Try it for yourself and please send me your results.

The best way to conduct your own research would be to have a trustworthy friend, who wouldn’t just mess with you for the sake of messing with you. Then have them hand you one Skittle at a time without you seeing the color of the Skittle. They should write down your guess and what was the actual flavor of the Skittle, then after five guesses let them reveal your score.

I think it’s kind of unfair to know the result after each one, as you may get the same one more than once. Though, my results above show it doesn’t really matter.

You think I’m foolish… about this:) Try it for yourself and don’t be scared to let me know that I just may have stumbled upon the greatest conspiracy ever!

Have a GREAT day!



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