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Time To Pick’em

I just filled out my NCAA bracket with no illusions that I’ll come anywhere close to winning.  But I did come across some alternative methods to use to fill out your bracket if you’re interested!

I didn’t see a college basketball game this season that Mizzou wasn’t playing in, and didn’t follow along on ESPN much either.  So I pretty much went with “the chalk”, or picking the team with the lower seed.

But there are some alternative ways to pick if you don’t care for basketball but still want to be involved.

Mascots – Pick which mascot could beat up the other.

Cities/Towns – Pick the team from the town you’d rather visit.

Length – Pick the team with the shortest name.

Kids – Let them have some fun picking.

Alumni – Pick the school that has the most famous alum.

Colors – Pick the ones you like better.

For the record I’ve got Louisville beating Georgetown in the final.  Sorry Tiger fans.


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