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Tips For Working From Home

It can be tough to be productive when the couch and TV are right there!

It looks like more and more people will end up working from their homes in the coming days, and this can present some different challenges you might not be use to!

Here are a couple of tips we received from people that we know, that work from home on a regular basis.

  • Many of us probably don’t have the same level of online security at home as we do at work, so make sure and check with your office tech guys or girls to see how you should proceed.
  • Having a designated place to work is important.  Even if you don’t have a “home office”, having a spot designated for working will help lessen distractions.  One friend told us “you might think you can work from the couch in front of the TV, but that can go downhill quickly!”
  • Set a work schedule and stick to it.  When your work is “just over there”, it’s easy to think that you’ll get over there and get started in a few minutes.  But be careful, because there are lots of distractions and it’s easy to put off sitting down and getting started.
  • Go ahead and get dressed!  As one friend put it, “Working in your pajamas sounds great, but I found that going ahead and getting dressed put me in a better mindset to get work done.”

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