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Top 2014 Super Bowl Ads

The results for this years Super Bowl Ad Meter are in! Did your favorite make the cut? We’ll keep it focused on the top five favorite (and not so favorite) commercials from the big game – just to save you time. Tons of people voted and the results shouldn’t be too surprising. Luckily for Anheuser-Busch, their early release of the adorable puppy/Clydesdale commercial didn’t do any damage – it came in on top.

Top 5 Favorites

1.) “Puppy Love” – Budweiser

2.) Kid Lassos Brother – Doritos

3.) Welcome Home, Soldier – Budweiser

4.) The Time Machine – Doritos

5.) The 80’s Called – Radio Shack

Top 5 Fails

1.) Cool Twist – Bud Light

2.) The Frito Sandwich – Subway

3.) Hipster Family Plan – Sprint

4.) Bodybuilder – GoDaddy

5.) Need for Speed – Dreamworks


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