Photo Courtesy of Ice Cream Factory

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Ice Cream Factory

I call myself a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur!

I’m always at the grocery store looking for the next best flavor to try but now I only buy ice cream from the Ice Cream Factory.

I first found them at the HyVee on West Broadway and when I tasted the Gooey Butter Cake flavor, I was sold!

Gooey Butter Cake
Photo courtesy of Ice Cream Factory

I started looking into the company a bit and there are so many amazing reasons to buy their ice cream.

  1. Ice Cream Factory is LOCAL! It’s a family run company that was founded right here in Mid-Missouri.
  2. Their locally sourced ingredients. Not only are they local, but they help other local companies with purchasing from them.
  3. Always Fresh! You don’t ever have to worry about tons of preservatives when you buy Ice Cream Factory. They make ice cream daily and are constantly delivering their fresh pints to grocery stores.
  4. They give back to the community! Mid-Missouri is home and they want to do everything in their power to better the neighborhood.
  5. Premium 14% Butterfat is in the ice cream. To the average person this doesn’t mean much, however its the difference between good and great ice cream! The richness of 14% butterfat allows you to truly savor every bite! Plus, you can FEEL  the difference. Grab an Ice Cream Factory pint and a pint from “the other guys” and feel which one is heavier. I’ll give you a hint, ICF always wins!

Stop by one of their scoop shops in Eldon or Jefferson City OR check out all of their retailers here.

I can’t wait to hear what flavor is your favorite!


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