Top 5 Reasons to Buy Your Ring at Buchroeders

Shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful! There are so many places, designs and prices! 

Thankfully, my fiance and I didn’t pull our hair out because we went to Buchroeders! 

Here are our top 5 reasons Buchroeders is the best place to buy a ring: 

  1. The most knowledgeable (and friendly!) staff: When we walked into Buchroeders, we kind of had the deer in headlights look. We had no idea where to start. Everyone welcomed us with open arms and were so patient as we tried on countless rings. When I had finally made my decision, Sara the sales manager, took my finger and started the measuring process. I was nervous, so my hands were sweaty. She knew that my ring size would be a little smaller than what it was measuring at that current moment. Her expertise led to my ring fitting perfectly the day of the proposal!
  2. Great financing options: Will and I have been together for seven years, we’ve always wanted to get married but we never had a ton of extra funds. Instead of sacrificing on the quality of jewelry, we talked with Buchroeders about their financing options and they worked with us to set up a payment plan that worked with our budget! 
  3. A large variety of rings: Buchroeders has a ring for every single budget! No matter the price, Buchroeders will respect your budget and show you rings similar to your saved Pinterest pictures. I went in the store knowing I wanted a solitaire and I thought wanted an oval cut. However, when Sara placed a similar ring on my finger, it wasn’t my favorite. Sara suggested I try a pear-shaped diamond instead and I fell in love. Whether you want a traditional feel or a modern look, Buchroeders has the ring for you! 
  4. AMAZING SAVINGS: Buchroeders loves a good deal and so do we! Will and I could not wait to go back to Buchroeders to purchase our wedding bands! When we walked in, we were told that Will would get $200 off his band when we purchased mine! It made our smiles grow so much bigger! They always have great promotions and are always wanting to find you the best price! 
  5. Free beer, wine and chocolates: My biggest regret when I went to Buchroeders was not partaking in their free wine and chocolates.  I was too nervous to eat! However, I plan on going back to the store  A LOT and will definitely try their free services! It’s one of my favorite things about Buchroeders. It’s not just a free drink or chocolate, its the message behind it! They care for you and your experience! And we felt that from the second we walked in the door. 

Planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic has not been fun and a lot of times very stressful. However, I am so grateful for my experience at Buchroeders! Will and I both agree it was one of our favorite parts!

Start finding your dream ring, here!


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