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Tyler Farr debut album details!

Thanks to YOU – the fans – Tyler Farr is unlocking tracks from his album! Three tracks were selected by fans, the first being “Ain’t Even Drinkin’. The song was unlocked September 9th and two more will be up for listening over the next couple of days. Tyler’s debut album, Redneck Crazy, will be out September 30th.

Here’s the complete list of tracks:

1. Dirty
2. Makes You Wanna Drink
3. Redneck Crazy
4. Whiskey in My Water
5. Hot Mess
6. Hello Goodbye
7. Ain’t Even Drinkin’
8. Wish I Had a Boat
9. Chicks, Trucks, and Beer (feat. Colt Ford)
10. Cowgirl
11. Living With the Blues


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