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This Is Us Cast Members Surprise Their Super Fans

Per the norm, I’m a little late to the party on the “hot” TV show. Though, I watched the first episode of This Is Us last night and all of I have to say is… 

WOW! It might be the most impressive first episode of a TV show that I have watched since How I Met Your Mother.

If you’re familiar with HIMYM, then you know one of its many strengths was how they developed each character. At some point throughout its 9 season run you would find yourself identifying with each cast member (even Barney:), which I always felt was also one of the reasons Friends was such a hit.

Now I have only watched one episode of This Is Us so I don’t know how the rest of season 1 will play out, but I sense it’s a little bit more emotional than HIMYM or Friends. Though, I feel I already know the characters after watching one episode so the writing is obviously very good.

In our radio world, we look for on air talents who have the ability to be fun, funny, yet are able to identify/relate with people on an emotional level, too. We look for people who are real. From watching the first episode of This Is Us, I came away feeling this show was real. The characters seem likable and authentic.  

Last night after finishing season 5 of Scandal on Netflix, we faced the conundrum of… “well, what do we watch now until season 6 is released?” Thankfully, I noticed a friend on Facebook post the video below so we decided to give This Is Us a chance. After one episode, I think we will be grateful for this decision.   

About This Is Us: 

NBC’s new show This Is Us follows a unique ensemble, some of whom share the same birthday, as their paths cross and lives intertwine. 

Here’s a video of cast members surprising fans of the show. (Heads up, you might want to grab a Kleenex)

Who is your favorite character on This Is Us? 

Thanks for reading… 

Jamie Mac

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