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Video: Cowboy Bill’s “Cowboys Who Care” Foundation

We always look forward to seeing our friend Cowboy Bill when he performs at Deja Vu Comedy Club.  This trip I’m looking forward to learning more about the foundation Bill has started to bring smiles to the faces of kids with Cancer.

I’m proud to say that Bill and I have become friends over the years.  We’ve spent time together cussing on golf courses, crying about women, and talking about the Bible, specifically the “words in red”.

Being a stand-up comic is his day job, but I’ve always admired Bill’s efforts to challenge himself to work in other areas.  From songwriting to developing movies & TV shows, and probably other things we haven’t had time to discuss yet.

So it’s great to see another project of Bill’s materializing.  He started a foundation called Cowboys Who Care, that will provide cowboy & cowgirl hats to kids fighting serious illnesses.

We’ll talk more about it when Bill gets here but it looks like they’re off to a great start!


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