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Weirdest Job Interview Questions

If you’ve got a job interview coming up, maybe shy away from saying or asking any of these!

While Twitter can be a fun place to get news or jokes, it can also give perfect examples of what NOT to do at a job interview.  Like these fine tweets:

  • “Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in five years? Me: In your chair, but asking better questions.”
  • “Me: If you were an item on [the] McDonald’s value menu, what would you be and why? Interviewer: The idea is actually for us to ask you the questions.”
  • “Interviewer: So where do you see yourself in five years? Me: I’m shaking hands with Dumbledore; I’ve won the house cup.”
  • “Interviewer: What do you bring to the table? Me: My drink.”
  • “Interviewer: What are some of your weaknesses? Me: Broad shoulders and a chiseled jawline.”
  • “Interviewer: Why should we hire you? Me: Because you’re hiring.”
  • “Interviewer: What are your skills? Me: Throwing shade, talking s**t, complaining.”
  • “Interviewer: So what do you have planned for the future? Me: Lunch. Interviewer: No, like long term? Me: Oh…dinner.”
  • “Interviewer: Any questions? Me: If only means one, what does only one mean?”
  • “Interviewer: What are your strengths? Me: Picking out something I hate about people and focusing only on that.”


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