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What Your Favorite Fast Food Chain Says About You

According to the folks at, what you order at your favorite fast-food restaurant actually can reveal quite a bit about you.

They have compiled a list of 11 chains and what they perceive to say about you as a fan favorite of theirs. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Arby’s – You may be a little on the conservative side since Arby’s is a little indistinguishable from the other chains and probably live your life safely.
  • Boston Market – You’re fond of home cooking and the city of Boston and aren’t worried about being trendy or fashionable with your food choices.
  • Burger King – You are like a King or Queen but may also be vegetarian since BK has the best plant-based burger around and you have a fondness for nostalgia.
  • Chick-fil-A – You have a sense of humor because you like the “Eat More Chickin” cow and you’re not too picky about grammar either.
  • In-N-Out – You’re an L.A. culture lover but like the simple part of this chain’s menu. You also like to step it up a bit with an off-the-menu order.
  • KFC – You like the Southern flavor of all things food and fashion and appreciate the old school menu items including biscuits that they still have on the menu.
  • McDonald’s – You’re a happy person, have no problem with late night eats and could be any age. You also don’t care if other folks know you’re a Mickey D’s fan.
  • Popeyes – You like your food spicy and served family-style and know the best chicken when you have it.
  • Taco Bell – You like bargains but you aren’t happy about some of the menu items that were removed recently. You’re probably a dog lover as well because of the “Taco Bell Chihuahua” mascot.
  • Wendy’s – You have a discerning taste for “fresh never frozen” food and are a little overwhelmed when Wendy’s adds menu items that are out of the norm.
  • White Castle – You have questionable taste in food because you could probably just as easily grab some frozen sliders as order at the Castle, but you may also have innovation in your personality.

Source: Delish



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