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Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?

See, this is why the internet was invented!  A website that helps you identify the good-looking girls that are in TV commercials.

Maybe it’s the blonde in the latest Taco Bell commercial.  Or the new spokesperson for Laughing Cow Baby Bell Cheese.  Just submit your query and they’ll do the rest. 

And what an impressive mission statement.  “A blog dedicated to finding out who hot, unknown actresses or models are in various television commercials”.

If only I’d had this resource in 1975.  I remember being 8 years old and seeing a car commercial that featured a Mercury, and what I was sure was the most beautiful woman to ever walk the planet.

Back then there was no way to know her name but a few years later, that woman and a couple of friends would become famous working for a man on a speaker-phone.  And then of course there was “the poster“.

I guess I didn’t really need to know her name.  At the time “Mrs. Cox” sounded pretty good to me.


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