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Your Parent of the Year Award Goes To…

If you’re taking your kids on a flight and looking for ways to please other passengers on the plane, contact these two!

I’m sure many of us have been there. You board your flight, find your seat on the plane and hear a small child screaming at the top of their lungs – “Is this how it’s going to be the entire trip?”. I think at times like these we have to remember, nobody can control how a child acts on a plane. The altitude changes, there isn’t an area for them to play and lets be honest, a three hour trip isn’t always the most pleasant experience. I want to give props to these parents for thinking ahead. They packed some candy and earplugs in individual baggies to hand out to other passengers on the flight in case their new little ones got fussy. They even took the time to put a note in the bags. I’m not sure what TSA had to say about it but this idea is genius. They get my vote for parents of the year and they’re only 14-weeks into the lifelong process! Kudos!


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