Clear 99 Delivers

Clear 99 is starting Mid-Missouri’s MOST DELICIOUS promotion… We’ve given you cash, we’ve given you concert tickets, we might as well give you lunch too.

Every week, Clear 99 wants to hook you up with lunch for 10.

And you won’t even have to deal with traffic. Liz and Scotty will deliver it right to your workplace.

Where are we getting the food? We are doing to be delivering D. Rowe’s lunch to businesses throughout Mid-Mo. Make sure to enter to win this tasty prize. 


Clear 99 Delivers

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  1. Already a Clear 99 Insider in my personal email and cell phone.

  2. Thanks Leta for being a Clear 99 Insider.

  3. You already know I’m a HUGE fan Liz and Scotty LOL

  4. Thanks Debbie. If your office wins, they will swing by and say hello

  5. Already an Clear 99 Insider

  6. We listen to Liz & Scotty at DOC everyday! Clear 99 is the BEST.

  7. I am an insider on my personal email and phone already.

  8. I listen to Liz and Scotty on my way to work! Great Dou with great music!

  9. I listen to Liz and Scotty on the way to work in the mornings, and we have clear 99 playing all day on the radio at work!

  10. I’m a Clear 99 Insider already personally. Love you guys. Listen to you all online at work and drive by your office on my way to work every day.

  11. Best radio station in mid mo

  12. I think we should do a lunch for a company I think deserves a little recognition for being number one in Columbia for towing and that’s tiger towing

  13. Love listening to the survey’s I get to hear them right before I go in to work and on my way home! Love trying to guess the answers.

  14. I’m so excited Scotty and Liz are bringing us lunch tomorrow, here at Dave Griggs Flooring America. D. Rowes we are ready for you….

  15. I’m already an insider! The Bank Credit Administration Dept. is hungry and always working hard to serve our wonderful community.

  16. We always play the $500 survey, and love listening to CLEAR 99 all day in the office!

  17. Listened to ya all forever!!! All day every day! Love you guys!!

  18. We listen to you all day during the work day May River Region Credit Union in Ashland. Our members always comment on what great music we play! Fingers crossed we win a lunch! We had a team gathering at D Rowe last month and it is soo yummy!

  19. Brenda Grindstaff

    Liz & Scotty are my morning positive influence! They are always encouraging, smiling (you can hear the smiles in their voices), and a great influence on my day! Don’t know how I’d manage my day without them!!! Thank you! Love you all!!

  20. Liz and Scotty are the best part of my morning commute! I love the interaction you have with all your listeners; near or far!

  21. We love us some Clear 99 and D’Rowes!!

  22. I’m an Insider, but, “opted in” again. 🙂

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