“Cooking In Scotty’s Kitchen” with Hy-Vee – Dill Pickle Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

pasta pic

A perfect side dish for a cookout!

We’ve been on a bit of a dill pickle kick lately in our snack drawer. Dill pickle bites, dill pickle flavored cashews, etc. So when this recipe popped up on our Instagram feed, we knew we had to try it!

We (Liz, Scotty AND Liz’s husband Will!) were blown away, and consider it one of our favorite things we’ve ever made with these videos!

This is the basic recipe we followed, with a couple of notes…

  • Any pasta would work, but bow-tie pasta is fun!
  • Next time we might use “spicy” mayonnaise.
  • Any dill pickle will do, but we like using the smaller baby dills because they gave it a little extra crunch.
  • This recipe makes the ranch dressing part, but if you have a favorite bottled dressing you could use it to save a little time.
  • It’s also one that you could make a day or two ahead of time for convenience. Just use a little mayo or ranch dressing to re-hydrate it.

Big thanks of course to the Columbia Hy-Vee locations, on West BroadwayConley Road, and the Rock Bridge location on Nifong!