My Second Hell Week at Orangetheory Is Finished!

Hell Week at Orangetheory is one of the toughest and most fun weeks of the year!

Every single year, Orangetheory hosts a week of classes that are pretty tough, but if you complete a certain number of them you get a t-shirt which is kind of like a badge of honor in the OTF community.

This year’s theme was called Project Hell Week. The premise was that classes which were deemed too tough over the years were unlocked and our mission was to accomplish four of them by Halloween!

One of my favorites of the week was called ‘The Group Project.’ We had to work as a whole to finish the class as soon as possible. Everybody was cheering each other on and the atmosphere was so fun and exciting.

While I’m still a little sore, I can’t wait for next year to do it all over again!

Here’s a little video diary from my week!


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