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Top States for Hitting Animals in the Road!!!

Roadkill…we’ve all seen it and most of us have been a part of hitting some kind of animal with our vehicle… I came across the list of Top 5 States (in order) for Hitting Animals… Congrats Missouri…we did NOT make the list! West Virginia Montana Pennsylvania South Dakota Michigan  Keep …

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Reba, Little Big Town & More Set For Save Our Stages Festival

The coronavirus pandemic has forced independent music venues across the country to close, and it’s expected that many won’t survive the shut down. Well, now a group of artists are doing what they can to raise awareness and money for these important clubs.  Reba McEntire, Brothers Osborne, Little Big Town …

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Fall Runs on the Trail

I remember being a kid and hating when my parents made me “ride my bike” on the MKT Trail… Now I’m older…and thanks to Scotty and his love of the trail and all things nature…I too have started to LOVE the trail and nature… This time of year is my …

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