Show Us Your Roll Cart Selfies!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here!

The City of Columbia is starting to distribute roll carts and we want to see you with your brand new bins!

Be as creative as you want …use props, family members, pets, etc! There are no rules! 

Get your pictures to Liz and Scotty via our Facebook Messenger, our Instagram DMs, texting (800-455-5257) or email us at!

We will feature all the pictures on this post and give some of our favorites Liz and Scotty coffee mugs!

Scotty enjoying a lovely February evening with his new friend!
Miss Terri with lots of roll carts on her hands!
The Sharp family is having way too much fun with theirs!
The cutest roll cart selfie from the DeLano family!
We love when the furry family members get involved! Thank you to the Gauldin family for sending this adorable picture in!
The Lester kids are really excited about their new roll cart!

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