The Clear 99 $500 Survey

Mid-Missouri’s favorite game is back for the spring! The Clear 99 $500 Survey!

If you’re familiar with “America’s Favorite Family Game,” then you’ll love this!

Play weekdays at 7:20, 10:20, 1:20 and 4:20.

Caller 9 will be asked our question and must name all the top 10 most popular answers. Name all 10 and you win $500!

We’ll be sending out clues occasionally to Clear 99 Insiders and Clear 99 zText members, so sign up for free.

Survey #6

Favorite Country Song with a City or a State In The Title (712 people surveyed)

1.All My Ex’s Live In Texas (39)

2.Amarillo By Morning (34)

3.Tennessee Whiskey (31)

4.Sweet Home Alabama (16)

5.Luckenbach, Texas (12)

6.Austin (12)

7.The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (10)

8.God Bless Texas (7)

9.Mississippi Girl (7)



Congrats to Tim from Jefferson City winner of Survey #5

Survey #5

Something You Find In Your Car (602 People Surveyed)

1.Sunglasses (28)

2.Change (26)

3.Steering Wheel (22)

4.Charging Cords (21)

5.Trash (18)

6.Ice Scraper (15)

7.Radio (10)

8.Keys (9)

9.Insurance Card (8)

10.Chapstick (7)


Congrats to Greg from New Franklin, winner of Survey #4

Survey #4

Best Place in Mid Missouri To Go For Breakfast (627 people Surveyed) 

1.Oscar’s (40)

2.Cracker Barrel (30)

3.IHOP (27)

4.Mel’s (20)

5.JJ’s Café (18)

6. Big Mama’s (16)

7.First Watch (13)

8.Broadway Diner (12)

9.Ernie’s (12) 

10.Café Berlin (8)


Congratulations to Evelyn from Jefferson City, winner of Survey #3

Survey #3

Best Country Song that begins with the letter “W” (687 People surveyed) 

1.Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker (30)

2.Whiskey Glasses – Morgan Wallen (23)

3.Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss (22)

4.Waitin’ On A Woman – Brad Paisley (19)

5.Watermelon Crawl – Tracey Byrd (12)

6.What’s Your Country Song? – Thomas Rhett (10)

7.Wanted – Hunter Hayes or Alan Jackson (9)

8.Walkin’ After Midnight – Patsy Cline (8)

9.Wide Open Spaces – The Chicks (5)

10.Write This Down – George Strait (5)


Congratulations Alyssa from Fulton for winning Survey #2!

Survey #2

Alive or Dead… Name The Most Famous Person From Missouri (726 people Surveyed) 

1.Mark Twain (86)

2.Harry Truman (63)

3.Walt Disney (50)

4.Brad Pitt (34)

5.Sara Evans (14)

6.Jesse James (8)

7.Carl Edwards (6)

8.Omar Bradley (3)

9.Sheryl Crow (3)

10. Eminem (3)


Congratulations to Gayla from Huntsville for winning Survey #1

Survey #1

Best Local Place To Go For BBQ (632 people surveyed)

1.COMO Smoke & Fire (64)

2.Lutz’s (49)

3.Sweet Smoke (46)

4. Bandana’s (26)

5.Buckingham’s (18)

6.Dicky’s (14)

7. Big Daddy’s (11)

8. Buerky’s (10)

9.D Rowe’s (6)

10.Black Market BBQ (5)



  1. #6 Answer is not given on your website if the answer was given yesterday. Can you please update this? Thank you!

  2. I did not hear the incorrect name for the famous people contest this morning. Can youtell me what it was?

  3. What does the number in next to the guess mean

  4. It’s just the number in the list. We have the top 10 answers on the “board”. Right now it’s the #8 answer that is missing.

  5. How about a clue?

  6. Sharon, The survey has been going a little over a week. We typically go a little longer before we give out a clue.

  7. I missed todays guesses, busy in clinic. Anyone want to help a girl out 🙂

  8. Tyler Farr was one of the AM guesses

  9. Is there a place where we can see all the wrong guesses?

  10. We don’t keep track of the wrong guesses. You have to listen to hear them all. We have to make you work a little bit 😉

  11. Suggestion: before you give a clue, post the incorrect guesses so we quit having repeat wrong answers. Then if no winner, give a clue.

  12. We actually don’t keep track of the incorrect guesses. That’s why people have to listen in every time we play the game.

  13. I have an idea for a future survey question. Favorite country song with a number in the title, like 9 to 5 or Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House.

  14. Good morning since Liz is having a baby girl if she has red hair Wendy would be a good name

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