Josh Ryan

Sunday – Friday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Joshing. Fresh. Huggable.

“He shoots, he scores!”   No, this wasn’t the TV in Josh’s home where he grew up.  It was Josh, at 8-years-old, announcing the St. Louis Blues game in his living room.  When most kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, answers range from fireman to police officer to astronaut.  Not in this case.  Josh always wanted to be on the radio, so he followed his dream and graduated from the Broadcast Center in December of 2007.

He started out as a waiter at both Denny’s and Texas Longhorn. Then, he was a valet at Ameristar. Although both valid career options, Josh knew he was destined for radio. His first job was in Marshall on a small country station, KMMO. He eventually came to Clear 99 and if you ask him, he will tell you he got the job just by being awesome.

The strangest thing that has ever happened to Josh while working at Clear 99 was when a listener called to ask what was on the Sci-Fi channel that night. Josh will not admit if he looked it up or just happened to know off the top of his head. However, everyone who knows Josh will know that he didn’t need to look that up.

Josh says he loves working in radio because he is able to experience things that he wouldn’t normally be able to do anywhere else. One major example is when he proposed to his wife in front of the Rascal Flatts in January 2012.

Josh is very close with my family, he loves spending time with my kids (his son plays baseball and his daughter is in dance!). They have two little dogs at home… Frank and Bean!



  1. I really like that song Head Over Boots. It is a good song that you can actually dance to.

  2. Keith Harvey Harv

    Hey Josh Ryan!!! Had to check out the website and check out the voices behind my radio, yeah I was totally blowing away lol. No one looked like I had expected,(preconceived notion). However with that being said, the faces definitely match the awesomeness and the upbeat tempo!!! Keep up the awesome work and grilling!!!!!

  3. he’s the best

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