Listen To Clear 99 At Home

A new way to experience Clear 99 is here. Whether you have an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod, you can listen to Clear 99 in your home.  If you have an Amazon Echo all you need to do is say to Alexa…

“Alexa, enable skill Clear 99”

You can even try a new way to listen every morning with Liz and Scotty in the Morning by simply saying, “Hey Alexa, set my alarm to ________ (insert time) to Clear99 Radio.”   If you have Google Home, Clear 99 will play through your TuneIn App. Just say…

“Okay Google, Play Clear 99 Radio”

  The Apple HomePod is a little trickier. To listen to Clear 99 through your HomePod you’ll first have to download the Clear 99 App. Learn more about downloading our App, HERE. Once you have our app on your iPhone all you have to do is say…

“Hey Siri, Open the Clear App”



  1. I could use some music in my life!!

  2. I am totally with you Scotty on the Charlie Brown airing. I has been a tradition in my life.

  3. Scotty I’m with you. I love going to Staples or office supplies just see what they have. I like looking at that stuff. I have to keep reminding myself I don’t need all that. I keep wanting to buy it.

  4. That’s why it’s important to have a budget in place. Keep that spending in line.

  5. I live in Germany before I had clear 99 radio on my computer then it got blocked, I don’t understand much German had to have my wife translate for me, I live here because my wife could not get a job in the U.S. except cleaning or low paying jobs. Becouse she was German so we came back to berlin where I retired under the German retirment system. WHY BLOCK FROM AMERICANS LIVING AND WORKING IN GERMANY FROM THE NEWS AND MUSIC THEY KNOW & LIKE.

  6. Thank you for being a fan of Clear 99 Roy. We really do appreciate it. We don’t really know the legal terms for it, but we believe it has to do with music licensing rights being different here than they are overseas. Clear 99 has to pay to play the music that we have on the air. I believe there are different fees and rights involved when things go international.

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