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Mattel Lauches Toy Take Back Recycle Program

A lot of parents probably get annoyed by all their kids’ toys lying around, especially if their kids have grown tired of playing with them. Well, now Mattel is here to solve that problem, while being environmentally friendly as well.

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Never Shave Your Legs Again?!?

I’ve been told that shaving the legs is just part of life for women. You’ve spent tons of money on razors, shaving cream and learned which products leave our legs smooth and silky for the longest, but a new TikTok trend could have you rethinking everything.

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Stack of Doritos

What’s The Most Popular Doritos Flavor?

Let’s face it, just about everyone loves Doritos, but there are tons of flavors to choose from. Everyone has their own favorite, but the folks from “mashed” decided to do a poll. The survey asked 655 fans of Doritos to pick their favorite and 46% said that Cool Ranch was …

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