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Country Boys on the Big Screen.

Some weekend mornings, I enjoy killing time on the computer .  One of my favorites is sitting in one of my less than 18 pair of underwear , drinking coffee and watching movie trailers . As I watched the trailer for yet another Vince Vaughn Christmas movie , I thought …

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Who is this guy? You could ask either Taylor or Miley!

Ok, so here’s your celebrity gossip for the day: Rumor has it that Miley Cyrus is “dating” Justin Gaston, a contestant on last season’s Nashville star.  Who is also the same Justin who is Taylor Swift’s love interest in her latest video “Love Story.”

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Grey’s is Back. Finally!!

What are you doin tonight?  Want to know my plans?  At precisely 8PM I will be on the couch, popcorn in hand, and staring at McDreamy during Grey’s Anatomy’s 2-hour season premiere on ABC tonight!

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Count Your Skivvies

How many pairs of underwear do you have?  Scotty was watching the History channel, they mentioned that the average number of pairs of underwear a man has is 18.  Do you think that’s High or Low?

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