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Am I A Fireman Yet?

This is a REAL TEARJERKER so you’ve been forewarned. I was sent this email today and it really puts everything into perspective.

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Lee Ann Womack

I think (okay, I know) Scotty would agree with me when I say, Lee Ann Womack is quite the lady!   She’s beautiful, her voice is beautiful, and her songs are beautiful.  Her latest hit “Last Call” is no exception.

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99 Balloons

This YouTube video about a little boy named Eliot is a real tearjerker.  Have some Kleenex ready.

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Taylor Swift in Times Square

In case you were out on the town New Year’s Eve, (or fell asleep too early) and missed Taylor Swift perform in Times Square on the last night of 2008… Don’t fret!  You can see her here.

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