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A homeless man’s act of honesty pays off

A homeless man gave up $17k he found. His selfless act could end up helping thousands.

Picture this; you are down on your luck. It just seems like nothing is going your way. You find $20 on the ground. You have been told that you should look around to see if anyone around may have dropped said money. Most likely, you did a quick lookie-look, and pocketed that cash. Did you feel guilty about it at all? Did you think about how much Chick-fil-A you are going to buy with that money later?

Now, instead of $20, imagine you came across $17k. Oh, and add in that you’ve been homeless for the past seven years.

This is the exact scenario of Seattle, WA. resident, Kevin Booth.

For many years now, he has been a consistent face at his local community food bank. Recently, while making his usual rounds to this food bank a very unusual situation occurred. While waiting for the doors to open so that Booth could get his food, he found a plastic bag full of $20 bills.

NOBODY was around to see him, as he looked upon this temptation. He could have easily made off with the money (and some think he’s crazy not to).

Booth said he immediately thought about what he could do with the money. Then he thought about what the money could do for everyone else. He pondered the situation for 45 minutes.

Did you get that? With the weight of his own problems on his shoulders, he thought about others in the same situation as himself. Those in need.


Booth ended up handing over the literal bag-o-money to the first employee to arrive to the food bank, before walking away.

The money ended up in the hands of local authorities. After 90 days of being unclaimed, the money was handed over, once again, to the food bank.Booth ended up receiving the Chief’s Citizen Citation award and the food bank donated a portion of the findings to him, in gift cards, for basic needs.

Because of this kind act; the food bank will now have money to expand its building, which currently feeds over a thousand working class-families a month, as well as about three hundred homeless people a week.




You can help out your local community in a similar way!

Join us on Wednesday, December 12th for the 2018 One For One Holiday Food Drive to benefit The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.




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