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A Women Started A Support Group On Facebook For People Named Karen

First of all, let us state that we love all of our listeners named “Karen.”But the name has taken some hits over the last few years and suddenly people with that name find the name being used in hundreds of memes across social media.

In fact, the definition from urban dictionary of what a “Karen” reads: “Middle-aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others’ problems an inconvenience to her although she isn’t even remotely affected. The most common phrase that comes out of Karen’s mouth is “let me speak to your manager” and she usually has a haircut that resembles Kate Gosselin from her ‘Kate Plus 8′ Days.”

This association with the name has apparently caused the creation of a support group for those named Karen. Caren Robinson of Grand Rapids, Michigan started a support group for other Karens called “Karens for the Community” on Facebook. Her goal is to bring positivity to the name. She said the idea came to her after she was out to eat and she did in fact ask for the manager and then her son accused her of being a “Karen.”

Currently, the community lives on Facebook as a private group and all spelling variations of Karen’s are welcome. The objective of the group is to build empowerment for those who support and look out for their community, even if does involve having to ask for a manager. The description from Facebook says: “In this group, we are NOT the ‘Karen’s’ of the world that seeks to lie, cause divisiveness, or perpetuate hate against our fellow human beings due to any differences we may have.”

Source: ABC NEWS


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  1. Thanks for the mention of our group.

    I am the creator of the FB group – “Karen’s For the Community”

    I would like to offer a bit of information for you about our group:

    One thing we would like your listening audience to know, is our group is not a meme based group; that we absolutely do not in any way shape or form condone nor support racism, prejudice, bigotry, or hate; that we come from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds as a group.

    We recognize that it is important for us to unite as human beings and as a society to encourage a culture of compassion and communication that is supportive of ALL human beings. However, it is also imperative to be the change we want to see in the world and this is just one drop in the ocean of a way we can start that ripple affect in a different direction by representing a culture of positive social change.

    There is so much injustice and unfairness in the world, it is important to honor the things people are doing in our communities to make things accessible, honorable, and just. There are good people out there, making a positive difference for social change and equality in our communities,….and guess what?….quite a few of them are named “Karen” (or a variant of that spelling) – without the “Karen” (meme related) attitude or mentality.

    We are more than just our name though. We are a force of nature capable of enacting positive change through our actions. Capable of being an example of acting with a modicum of common sense and human decency.. So…let’s act….and let’s do it honorably and with integrity. Let’s speak up and let’s do so with the purpose of lifting up our fellow human beings and celebrating the inherent goodness that lives in all of us.. No person is an island, we are all part of the greater vision of what we create – good or bad. We just have to choose what side we are on and what vision we are choosing to embrace.

    Thank you for your time. Blessings to you all.

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