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“America’s Favorite Crossing Guard” is right in our own backyard!

There’s a hero in our local community and we want you to VOTE, Clear Country!

Ashland Police Chief Lyn Woolford has been nominated as one of “America’s Favorite Crossing Guards” – out of 170 nominees, he is currently in 2nd place! If he wins this contest, the Southern Boone School District will receive $10,000!

He is an amazing crossing guard. He loyally shows up every day to the intersection near the primary and elementary schools to keep the kids safe – Rain, shine, or snow. He directs traffic and assists kids and adults to cross the street safely. He entertains everyone by wearing different hats, gloves and accessories to keep them guessing as to what he will be wearing that day.

Over the years, we have seen parrot, chicken, knitted pom-pom, taco, hamburger and Santa hats. There have also been mohawks Mickey Mouse gloves to name a few. Kids wave, high five, smile and greet him. Chief Woolford knows many by name. They often say “He is the best!” and “He keeps us safe!.”

Ashland is growing and the attention to safety has to keep up with the growth. The Southern Boone Schools and the Ashland Police Department work together to keep kids safe in the district. They are always looking for solutions to create the best environment for the Ashland families.



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