“Beat Baptist Betty” Bracket Challenge

Pick games better than Scotty’s Mom, and you could win some fun prizes!

So Scotty’s Mom, Betty, is a college basketball junkie.  And she has a history of doing well in our yearly Zimmer Communications bracket pool.  She often finishes “in the money”, including 2nd place last year and 3rd place the year before that!

But if you can beat her this year, you could win a prize, including concert tickets!

A couple of things up front…

  • This is a fun, last minute idea and we’re kind of making it up as we go.  So you’ll have to be flexible, because we’re adjusting as we go along.  It’s just for fun!
  • We don’t know the exact prizes yet, but we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to come up with tickets to one of this summer’s concerts that we either have, or will promote.  We just don’t know which one yet.  But we’ll also throw in some Liz & Scotty Coffee Cups, Clear t-shirts, and whatever else we can scrounge up.
  • The brackets will be through the ESPN website, so we don’t have any control over that.  If you run into issues with the bracket or site, we will offer what help we can but may not be able to solve your problem.
  • It’s free, but you will have to set up an ESPN account to fill out a bracket.  If that’s not something you want to bother with, we understand.
  • Also, it’s not clear to me yet how or if we will be able to contact winners.  If you have an option to put in your email address somewhere, please do so.  Other than that, just keep an eye on your bracket and if you finish ahead of Miss Betty, shoot us a text (800-455-5257) or an email (clear99@zrgmail.com).

Now, after all that if you’re still interested, click the link, fill out your bracket, and good luck!  The group password is “Clear99”.



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