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Folks Would Pay A Lot To Not Have To Clean Over The Holidays

There are a lot of things to love about the holidays, but if you’re the one hosting, there are also a lot of things to hate, and one of the biggest things folks dread is the clean up. 

A new survey finds:

  • 46% of Americans hate cleaning for the holidays so much they’d be willing to pay $5,000 to have their home magically cleaned.
  • The average person would pay $500 to have nothing to clean after a holiday gathering.
  • As for the thing they dread most about the holidays, washing all the dishes topped the list (47%), followed by: 
    • Cleaning the whole home (44%)
    • Prepping the food (36%)
    • Cleaning up the dinner table (34%)
    • Shopping for the food (31%)
    • Waiting for things to be ready (30%)
    • Too much noise (26%)
    • Waking up early (25%)
    • Catering to difficult family members (25%)
    • Being in “host” mode (17%)
    • Planning early meal in advance (17%)

But if you’re not going to pay someone to clean, who should be responsible once dinner ends?

  • Well, 40% say the people who didn’t prepare dinner should be doing the cleaning.
  • 30% think it’s the host’s responsibility.
  • Of course, while some folks say they’ll help with cleanup, chances are they won’t.
  • In fact, 59% of people have family members who each year promise to help with cleanup but don’t.
  • Those most likely to get out of cleaning duties include:
    • Children (38%)
    • Siblings (31%)
    • Spouse/partner (30%)
    • Father (23%)
    • Cousin (22%)
    • Mother (21%)

Source: SWNS Digital


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