Young mother and father with newborn
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Dad Makes Baby Beer Bong To Help Daughter Drink More Formula

This is one way to try and help your baby gain weight. Rudy Willingham was told by doctors that his 8-month-old daughter should take in more calories ahead of her next hospital weigh-in, and so he decided to construct her a milk bong. The logic being that beer bongs help undergraduates gain weight, so he figured it would work for his baby, too. He created a TikTok video of him feeding his baby, Lily, with the beer bong, with a bottle nipple attached to one end, of course. He also noted that the bong is the smallest one he could find on Amazon, and is strictly reserved from formula. 


@rudy_willinghamGained a ton of weight this way in college, so I figured it could do the same for her #funny #baby♬ Stil D.R.E. Remix –


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