Dolly Parton Credited With Helping Cure COVID

Dolly Parton is being hailed a hero for helping find a vaccine for COVID. 

Back in March, she donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University to help with finding a cure for the coronavirus. 

Her investment paid off because the University was involved in Moderna’s vaccine trials. And Moderna just revealed that it’s vaccine has shown 95% efficiency. 

In order to recognize Dolly for her efforts, she was listed in the acknowledgements of the New England Journal of Medicine report. 

Dolly started trending on social media and being called a hero, and we couldn’t agree more! 



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  1. That is wonderful that Dolly has donated to the Covid Cause! Now that they are so close with the vaccine, I’m disappointed in hearing so many people say “that They won’t get the shot!” It’s claim is 95% so I think I will risk it and feel better about going out in the world again. How can we stop the spread if no one wants the vaccine? It’s like, people want to go on living with the virus raging around and never knowing when or where you might get it? Or worse, who you might give it to? Just my opinion.

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