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That ‘American Girl’ doll from the 90s can score you cash!

Keeping things forever is a good idea, afterall! Here’s to all the parents/grandparents that have kept our stuff, locked away!

The original ‘American Girl’ dolls have made a resurgence and are selling for a nice amount, currently, on e-bay!

Stories like this is what makes me glad I’ve kept my old toys in near mint condition. Although, trying to sell them is hard for both sentimental and monetary reasons. No one usually wants to pay what you feel your stuff is worth!

Well, if you were a child of the 80s & 90s that was a fan of and had to have an ‘American Girl’ doll, now could be your time to shine. If you’re lookin’ to sell, that is. And also, if you were borderline OCD about your things and basically left them untouched (you weren’t alone, by the way)!

Bob Richter, a vintage specialist told the Today show, “Some of the discontinued dolls from the ‘90s can sell for thousands of dollars. That said, original packaging and condition are everything. What might sell for over $2,000 if it’s in good condition with original packaging might only sell for $100 if it’s in fair condition without packaging.”

A Samantha doll in the original packaging could fetch around $4000 while a Molly or Kirsten doll could still score you close to $1200.

It’s like “Antiques Roadshow” 90s nostalgia edition!


Do you have any vintage items that you found out were worth a lot of money? What collectibles are you holding on to with the hopes of cashing out?




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