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Tom Holland Reveals ACTUAL “Spider-Man 3” Title

Yesterday the stars of “Spider-Man 3” confused fans by supposedly revealing the official title of the threequel… only to share three different titles. After giving fans a good trolling, Spidey himself Tom Holland has finally shared the ACTUAL title to the new Marvel flick.

Taking to Instagram, Holland has shared a video of himself, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon walking out of director Jon Watts’ office, complaining about how they were given bogus names to share with fans.

  • “He gave us a fake name again … I just don’t understand why he keeps doing this,” Holland says. To which Batalon quips, “You don’t understand? I feel like it’s pretty obvious. You spoil things.”

As they walk off-screen, a white board is shown behind them that actually reveals the title… which is: “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Look forward to the Marvel flick hitting theaters on December 17th.

The video is right below:


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